About Us

How it all started ...

It all started 20 years ago as an electro-mechanical engineer working for several firms doing cabling, pneumatics, hydraulics and maintenance in an industrial environment. After a few years the coax cabling of several industrial networks and offices needed to be changed into a UTP based network. Because of the high demand in UTP based networks we started to specialize in this field. Due to the fact that a network doesn't operate without electricity and there has to be luminance and power in an office we offered our customers the total package of the two fields combined.

So these days we've specialized in working for offices, we give them light, a connection to the world wide web and we even give them secure access to their own offices. The whole technical package can be offered to our clients.

Finally our goal is to provide a whole technical solution so our customers don't need to worry and focus on their core business.

Meet the team ...

Raf Reynders

Business owner

Project management, working on the project, deals with the customers contacts and sales.


Ibert Reynders

All-round technician

Technical support for Raf. He does It-related support and technical troubleshooting.